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Is your website thriving? Contact a trained MBWD Web Developer today!

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Is your Website thriving? Or, does it just exist? Is it creating revenue?


Clients once they find you, need a place to land, and your website is the landing zone. Designing an aesthetically pleasing website, that will showcase your work is essential. This is what will keep your clients engaged and engagement leads to sales. Listed are some Key components to having a successful website:


Easy to navigate

Ensure your website is user-friendly, making sure it easy to find what your clients are looking for. If they cant find it fast they're gone.


Reputable, clients want to be able to trust your name, especially if they will be purchasing.


Visually pleasing

A well-thought-out design, that represents your business and reflects your audiences wants and needs. Having strong graphics, with relevant content. Ensuring the web design has a flow and is not all over the place, keeping the theme professional and engaging.



Leave them wanting more, capture emails and offer promotions. The monthly newsletter gives your clients something to look forward to.


Mission statement,

Every business should have one, be descriptive and tell your client why they should be giving you their business.


It’s all in your headline, you either got it or you don’t. Tell us what you have to offer and get to the point! With only having a few seconds before I’m gone, so capture me.

NOW…... If I have stayed this long, I’m now looking at your subheading, this should be a brief, and I mean a brief description of what you are offering.



 Pictures and videos, most people are visual, and crystal sharp graphics will allow your client to feel like its right in front of them.


THE WHY, why your product or service?

Tell us about your features and benefits.


Testimonials, hearing proof, short quotes form clients go a long way.


These are the fundamentals of a website, the groundwork that will set your business off on the right foot.

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