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Payment Gateway 

A payment gateway service allows your customers to send payments online, and having a gateway will allow you to know if their payment has been authorized. Without a payment gateway, you won’t be able to securely charge your customers online. 


Setting up a payment gateway is highly technical, our experienced web developers ensure that your e-commerce site is set up properly.


Cost of having a payment gateway 


There are fees for having a payment gateway, depending on your business needs, MBWD will review the right payment gateway to grow your business. As your business grows your gateway can too! We will customize to what best suits your budget and your business. 

Benefits of Having a Payment Gateway: 

Store payment information making it easier for customers when re-visiting your site


Set up recurring billing


Payment gateways are simple and convenient for customers 


Encryption all payments gateways are encrypted for sensitive payment information 


Complaint with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards or PCI requirements. 


Accepts different currencies 

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