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Structure……… Structure ………Structure

MBWD Gets this right the first time and you get to watch your investment grow. This is making sure you have well-executed Ad groups, getting you the most return on your investment. This is where Muskoka’s Best Website Designer will build a solid foundation for your Internet marketing. Avoiding bidding wars, it’s not worth being first on the page if you’re spending too much to get there. Having a well written, the ad campaign will be more effective and you won’t be spending unnecessary money that doesn’t work in your favour. You want to be the right search result, the relevant search that will turn traffic into conversion. Work with us on this and watch your business bloom.

PPC does work and fast, reaching huge amounts of clients, if for say you are having a flash sale, or end of season sale, this tool is excellent. Like any tool, you need to know how to use it. This is not an area that you want to guestimate in. luckily MBWD is keeping a close eye and will show you progress every step of the way. Information is power, and we want to empower you to make the best marketing choices for your business. We are experts in knowing an audience and how to target them with precise terminology. Muskoka’s Best Website Designer will advertise to get you a return on your investment.

Google Ads

Google ads manager, create google ads, start ads with google.


Being too broad, this is a very common mistake. It’s quality, not quantity, Google should not be thinking for your business. If you are too generic Google puts you everywhere, and that’s not as good as it sounds. We want to target your audience. If your ads are not set up to capture a specific audience they are too genetic. A lot of ad money spent with very little to show for it. We want to avoid being in the merry-go-round of the web.



With PPC Internet marketing, you pay when a potential client clicks on your add. This sounds simple, right? Here is why you want us, PPC has a simple name, you pay when a customer clicks, Sign me up! But wait, it’s actually much more complicated, and can be costly if not done right.


There are many factors to consider when using PPC. Muskoka Best Website Designer knows the Do’s and Don’ts. And how to not waste time and money. Some factors we consider when using PPC:


Choosing the RIGHT keywords

Bidding on the wrong word or phrase can be costly, money wasted on the wrong audience. And you end up paying the bill with little to show for it.

“Our agenda is open, we work for you, and we are listening”. William Holmes founder


When it comes to PPC advertising we want to work within your budget, Muskoka’s Best Website Designer will be conscious of your Business goals. We at Muskoka’s Best Website Designer are dedicated to your success and we thrive on helping Business grow.

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